Mobile Computers

What is Mobile Computing?

Mobile computing refers to any hardware or application that allows for computer software to be in the field, or otherwise “on the move” while in use. Unlike the computers of old which required entire rooms to house the hard drive units, today’s mobile computers and POS technology is small enough and durable enough to be incorporated into nearly any piece of equipment. Mobile computers require the internet or intranet and a communication link such as WLAN networks to relay information back to their main database.

Why Invest in Specialized Technology?

Unfortunately, consumer-grade mobile computers are not a viable solution for most enterprise, business-grade data collection.  Issues like security, battery life, device management and durability are often overlooked when trying to find ways to solve business problems with a typical tablet or smartphone. At Paragon, we provide mobile computing solutions built to cater to the workplace.

Because mobile computers allow you to bring, capture, and manipulate your data directly on location, they can drastically improve the service you offer your customers.

For example, you can update consumer profiles, enable customers to pay for products without using a traditional check-out system, or link to files stored on your office network while working off site. Imagine how convenient it would be to pay your bar tab via a wireless terminal embedded in your table, or work on a group presentation while traveling by train. These flexible and innovative options make doing business a possibility no matter where your employees are.

The Many Benefits of Mobile Technology:


  • Improved employee productivity
  • Increased visits per day
  • Increased sales margin and profit
  • Reduced errors by eliminating duplication
  • Instant and secure data transfer
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Faster payment processing
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Types of Mobile Computers:

Touch Mobile Computer

touch mobile computers with ParagonWarehouses deal with high-volume orders that need to be filled quickly. If you owned a warehouse, how much time and money could you save if your employees were 14% more productive?

The TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer is an ergonomically designed touchscreen-based scanner and portable computer that increases efficiency and reduces the amount of strain on workers. Its user-facing touchscreen easily scans and captures data with a wireless, contextual-based interface that reduces the number of clicks and responds even to gloved hands. This “all touch terminal emulation” provides a steady connection to the database host, neatly eliminating most downtime concerns. Users select customized menu items with a simple tap, which drastically reduces errors and allows workers to move boxes or pick products much faster with far less repetitive motions and fatigue. On average, workplaces that utilize the TC8000 save an hour of work per worker. Multiply that hour by every employee on staff, and it’s clear why eliminating a “small” amount of wasted motion makes a big impact. Zebra’s touch mobile computer is lighter, faster, and smarter than its predecessors, predicted to become the new standard in efficient data collection.

Vehicle Mount

mobile computers with ParagonThe inside of a vehicle can experience drastic changes in temperature, becoming a freezer in the winter or an oven in the summer. Typical computers cannot operate in such harsh environments.

Both commercial and government-based companies need portable mobile computers for their vehicle fleets. These units are built to withstand off-road vibration and the strain of cold, hot, wet, dirty, or dusty environmental conditions. Typically, vehicle mount computers are built to be used in either stand up or sit down platforms for forklifts, and can incorporate a variety of software and hardware features.

Handheld Computers and Ruggedized Tablets

rugged handheld mobile computersHandheld computers include everything from pocket-sized entry level devices to pistol griped, full alpha-keyboards.

Tablets, smartphones, Enterprise tablets possess the sleek design of consumer tablets but boast robust battery life, faster performance, and a ruggedized casing. These devices are capable of handling any software application while protecting against damage from drops.

While many of our mobile devices are rated for exposure to dirt, drops, moisture, or resistance to other types of damage, we also offer protective housing enclosures which can provide your mobile hardware with additional protective features like cooling fans, cover from the rain and snow, and more.

How Do Mobile Computers Communicate?

Mobile computers need a way to transmit the data they capture in the field back to your central database. Generally, each device will communicate using one of three different options:

Cellular data service uses 3G or 4G networks provided by cell towers. Their communication is limited by the tower signal range or strength.

Wi-Fi connections offer higher performance and can be accessed on a private business network or a public hotspot, offering you the choice of security or convienence. However, their range is limited to about 100 ft. indoors and 1000 ft. outside. Paragon offers the WiNG Express Solution as a secure, easy way to manage your enterprise class wireless network.

Satellite internet access gives service where cell or wi-fi coverage isn’t available. Unlike the previous options, satellite service can be used wherever the device has a direct, uninhibited view of the satellite’s location.

Because each option provides different accessibility and security features, many enterprise networks use a combination of cellular, wi-fi, and satellite connections.

From compact handheld tablets to rugged vehicle-mounted units, Paragon can provide the best technology to collect, transmit, and communicate information between individuals, offices, or an entire company base. When you work with us, we take the time to learn your business’ specific practices and needs so that we can recommend the right devices for the environment they will be used in. Depending on the application, you can find sturdy and dependable mobile computers for warehouse, outdoor, or all-weather conditions in small, wearable sizes for hands-free operation. Our cutting-edge software and networking options will help you succeed in any workplace and stay ahead of your competition.

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