Identification Solutions

ID Cards and Wristbands

zebra identification wristbandsBarcode identification has become the preferred and modern method for quickly storing and accessing relevant information.  Paragon specializes in healthcare identification, supplying hospitals with ID wristbands coded to each patient’s personal and medical information.  Producing clearly printed and durable media, our wristbands not only streamline clerical functions like admissions and billing, but more importantly promote an environment of safe treatment and proper pharmaceutical administration.

However, barcode recognition is not limited to medical implementation.  Paragon offers coded wristbands and ID cards for many other applications, such as student ID’s, retail club membership cards, and event logistics.  Track product usage and reward loyal customers with every purchase, or systematically improve payroll functionality with clearance badges. Companies in every industry utilize smart cards, magnetic strip cards, and barcode ID’s to compile comprehensive product databases or provide secure employee access.  Paragon offers a complete solution of barcode wristband printers and related media from Zebra®.