LabeLink: Supply Chain Compliance

LabeLink: Supply Chain Compliance

Supply chain management can be a difficult process. Many companies that need to control the parameters of their labels, such as graphics or data, are forced to rely on their vendors or distributors to label their products for them. Unfortunately, this requires a constant, time-consuming back and forth of compliance forms, emails, phone calls, and complicated labeling guides that never get followed correctly or updated each time. Every time the label changes or a new vendor/distributor comes on board, these companies are forced to repeat the process.

How can you, a busy business owner, ensure that your supply chain is efficient AND accurate? Invest in LabeLink.

What is LabeLink?

LabeLink is an innovative cloud-based technology that takes all the guesswork and frustration out of label compliance. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to directly manage every vendor or distributor on your supply chain, LabeLink is a simple, self-contained solution that gives you absolute control over how each label will look and function. Best of all, LabeLink can be implemented quickly and easily with the help of our design experts, who will tailor the system to fit your specific business processes.

How does LabeLink work?

Using an online portal, you set the desired parameters of each label format; for example, the label size, label type, logo type, etc. Whenever one of your vendors or distributors need to print a label, they only need to log-in to their own portal account to print the labels directly from the web. Any updates or changes to the label design can be made by you, and are automatically available to the portal so your vendors or distributors can access them and print the exact labels you require.

With your entire labeling operation taking place online, you can avoid the headache of trying to coordinate each vendor or distributor’s attempts at compliance, and your supply chain partners won’t have to worry about meeting your standards.  Any company wishing to control the appearance and function of their labels will benefit from this solution.

Where can I learn more about LabeLink?

LabeLink is THE modern solution to supply chain labeling inefficiencies! If you’d like to see how LabeLink can improve labeling efficiency for your company, call us at 800.211.0768 to speak directly with our experts. If you aren’t sure whether LabeLink will work for you, view our LabeLink video to learn more.

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