Mobile POS

Line Buster

P4T_retail2_medium-e1384454043795Are you a retailer who has the need for a mobile POS solution? Does your business have high traffic times when you may be losing money because people don’t want to wait in long lines to make a purchase? Do you have mobile retail sales that are in temporary or seasonal locations? Then you need Line Buster, our mobile POS solution.

Line Buster connects to a local Wi-Fi internet connection and can process your retail credit card transactions, print receipts and capture more dollars, especially when traditional POS lines get long and customers get frustrated.

We can load up your part numbers, descriptions and prices, utilize your credit card processing company and store each transaction to the device or a local PC.  The same receipt printer and hand held device can also be used to generate labels for shelf or product identification.

System includes: Windows Mobile Computer, Windows PC Software for loading up sales information, receipt/label Printer

It’s beneficial to use the Traceability program in our harvesting process.  It tells us when the berries were picked and who picked them, and logs the data automatically into our records. If we ever needed to run traceability application, we can show the exact plants the fruits came from. Customers appreciate the transparency, and I appreciate the peace of mind.
Ed BocockOwnerNew Day Blueberry Farm
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