Surgical Tool Tracking


surgery_trayTracking instruments and trays in surgical centers is a critical part of delivering appropriate patient care. Tracking a tray and all of its components following the procedure through washing, packaging and sterilization through to storage, is a labor-intensive task that is prone to a high level of error incidence.

By utilizing our TraxFast surgical tool tracking software, you can identify each instrument, make certain trays are packaged correctly an instruments receive their proper maintenance while tracking trays throughout the entire life cycle.

Why Track Instruments?

  • Reduce loss of instruments
  • Save time locating instruments
  • Reduce liability by accounting for instrument use
  • Reduce liability by documenting instrument maintenance
  • Reduce or eliminate instrument-related paperwork
  • Better manage in-facility inventories reducing threats of inadequate supplies
  • Account for all loaners under repair to assure the instrument you sent is the one you received

Why use TraxFast?

Our solution is extremely cost-effective and feature-rich. It won’t take long to realize you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to satisfy your surgical tool tracking requirements and become more efficient.

By utilizing the TraxDot barcode, or a laser marking on each instrument, TraxFast can track individual instruments from purchase to storage through sterilization to the operating room and back.

  • Tray assembly – Assign instruments to a tray for single scan for movement of all instruments on the tray
  • Schedule maintenance – Easily perform inspection, maintenance and sterilizations
  • Asset assignment – Easily assign an asset or group of assets to a patient for billing purposes
  • Check in/out – Assign assets to employees for better employee accountability
  • Flexible reporting – Create your own reports or modifies one of the many standard reports; include digital photos in reports
  • Standard architecture – System runs on any Windows computer or PDA