On-Demand Color Printing

Printing On-Demand AND in Color- Yes, It’s Possible!

Increase productivity while reducing costs with on-demand color printing from Paragon.

Produce quality barcode labels at a lower cost than color thermal transfer or color laser printing. Instead of maintaining an inventory of pre-printed labels (which wastes space, time, and money), print only what you need, when you need it.

What’s the Deal with On-Demand?

Historically, almost every industry dreamed of having an on-demand color printing solution. The influence of the internet has spurred a massive shift towards build-to-order products and services. As maintaining large inventories of stock products became less profitable, more and more companies have started producing the materials they need on a customized basis. Now, BTO processes have become the dominant business model of the 21st century.

Unfortunately, while this model proved sensible for car manufacturers and computer servers, printed materials remained tied to old practices. It wasn’t until the advent of digital printing that it became economical to print smaller jobs or even single copies of books, advertisements, or labels.

Why Was Printing On-Demand So Difficult?

Producing labels where and when you need them isn’t so much a question of technology, but rather, a problem of inefficient work flow. Any large-scale printing job needs to strike a balance between moving quickly enough to keep costs down while still producing readable images and text. Add in the stipulation of color and the process becomes twice as complicated, as more than one color required heavy user-input and multiple passes of the same label. Trying to print orders this way was a complete nightmare.

New digital printers have larger ink tanks and require less user maintenance. Now, high-quality color labels can be produced cheaply and consistently at the moment they need to be used.

GHS Compliance with On-Demand Color Printing of the BS5609 Label

Low maintenance upkeep combined with Paragon’s GHS expert support guarantees your business can achieve high-volume printing and GHS compliance without the waste of label inventory. Discover the power of on-demand color printing with Paragon- call today to speak to our in-house GHS and printing experts!

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