Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners

A Versatile Powerhouse for Data Collection

Unlike the old-fashioned manual entry methods, collecting data using barcode scanners gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently find, track, and store data. In a global market where providing speed and convenience means winning a customer’s business, implementing a line of barcode scanners and customized data collection hardware allows your company to serve your target audience while remaining financially competitive. Paragon has partnered with industry powerhouses like Zebra Technologies to offer you only the best solutions.

Today’s scanning equipment covers a wide variety of sizes and functionality suitable for nearly every industry. Manufacturing distributors need to control inventory.  Healthcare facilities must track prescription medications.  Retail stores want faster checkout times.  No matter what type of business you run, computerized data collection is a priceless asset meant to simplify the time-consuming minutia of day-to-day operations by determining how and where your resources are used, streamlining the entire process. In turn, this collected data can be used to target a niche consumer base or create personalized customer incentives.

Choosing the right barcode scanner

Unsurprisingly, this many options and applications can make choosing the correct barcode scanner and solution difficult. That’s why Paragon takes the time to ask questions about your company’s unique business processes: we want to be sure that the hardware you buy is the absolute best fit for your needs. When used in tandem with our premier line of barcode printers and guaranteed-compliant labels and ribbons, any business can achieve higher customer satisfaction while keeping overhead costs and use of resources at a minimum.

What can I do with a barcode scanner?

-Link directly with scales, barcode printers, or other devices to generate labels without a PC
-Read product data
-Check or modify product inventory by communicating with a centralized database
-Record products as they are sold
-Coordinate sales efforts across a corporation or supply chain
-Increase company efficiency and transparency
-And more!

How does a barcode scanner work?

As the barcode scanner reads the black and white elements contained on the barcode label, it uses a programmed algorithm that converts the lines into an easily readable text string, no different than if you were typing on a keyboard. The type of scanner being used will determine the type of barcode it can decode.

Paragon knows the barcodeA laser scanner uses a laser beam directed by a vibrating mirror to read a linear barcode, the traditional sticker found on a UPC code

Paragon knows interactive barcodes
A camera-based reader uses a camera to see a 2-D barcode, an image which contains more complex information than a liner code and can be linked to dynamic digital content such as a webpage

This information can be sent into a computer database for immediate storage, or, if using a mobile computer, manipulated on screen by the software or the user. You can read more about the barcode here.

Long range scanning capabilities

Scanning has come a long way from where it used to be.  Extended range imaging allows your team to be more productive with far less disruption to your daily tasks.  Investing in technology like Zebra’s long range barcode scanner is a smart move for anyone with large warehouses, retail stores, or other big facilities that need to collect data.

Which Type of Barcode Scanner is Right for Me?

Paragon Data Systems will work with you to determine which type of technology will best fit your inventory or collection needs. Your choice of scanner will depend on the type of label you need to read, the desired application, and the environment the barcode scanner will be used in. Everything from light-weight wireless scanners to rugged, weatherproofed units are available.

Don’t already use an automated data collection solution? Paragon can implement a range of comprehensive systems. Our feed and inventory management, patient identification and tracking, and mobile POS systems are only a few examples of the way Paragon has revolutionized basic business protocols.

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