Highspeed Laser Printing

Quantum Code

quantum1Creating barcodes, graphics and text at the speed of light!

Paragon Data Systems has always strived to bring innovative solutions to its customers. Today’s business challenges have a focus on minimizing costs, reducing SKUs and overhead, and meeting regulatory compliance and customer demands. Paragon is ready to help you make a quantum leap.

Looking beyond the traditional methods of identification, Paragon recognizes the limitations of speed and the increasing costs and inefficiencies that come with traditional marking technologies of ink jet and thermal printing. Paragon is uniquely positioned to bring an emerging technology to its customers who have a need for cost effective, variable marking on labels or boxes that can keep up with the speeds and reliability that is needed for mass production.

Quantum Code

Quantum Code is not engraving or etching; it is coating or embedding a special laser receptive layer on to your boxes, labels or products, then utilizing a lightspeed laser printing system instead of a printer or an ink jet machine to mark the item directly. This is not direct thermal either; these marks do not fade and only react to the laser.

Paragon can provide boxes and labels that meet your current specifications including: paper labels, synthetics and films, prime labels, corrugated and folding cartons.


  • Marking your labels without a printer or ink jet at high speeds.
  • Marking boxes on the fly with laser quality lettering and bar codes.
  • Saving costs on boxes, labels, and ink.
  • Eliminating overhead and maintenance.
  • Reducing the number of labels and boxes you need to inventory.
  • Reducing other operating costs that come with traditional marking methods.

Quantum Code uses a low power laser to mark the areas that have been coated with our laser reactive inks or coatings. Lasers have a very low operating expense when compared to other marking systems, but have been limited in the materials they can mark.

With the Quantum Code solution you can use lasers to mark at extremely high speeds on targeted areas:

  • Reliability – Industrial lasers are robust devices designed to maximize performance.
  • Minimal consumables – Lasers do not use solvents or ribbons.
  • Environment-friendly – Minimal consumables and nothing is added to the substrate.
  • High-speed – Laser coding prints a high quality code faster than the nearest equivalent.
  • Repeatability – The laser on the Quantum patch produces a consistent code every single time.
  • Minimal extraction – The Quantum patch has a far lower emission level than conventional laser marking.
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) reduction – Printing directly on the production line removes the requirement for pre-printed boxes and labels per SKU.
  • Print quality – Laser code quality is extremely high (traditional print requires high SKU’s).
  • Barcode printing – Quantum patches produce the contrast required for high quality barcode unlike traditional production line coding.
  • Flexibility – Printing directly on the production line creates the ability to change codes instantly.
  • More information – The Quantum solution enables much more information to be printed than any other coding and marking solution.
  • Space saver – Lasers allow the end user to print smaller more legible fonts without adding space on the label. They also allow flexibility to print a variety of languages and barcodes.
  • Anti-counterfeit – Quantum material can be printed onto labels that have a protective over coating providing a mark that is more difficult to change or distort.
  • Improved laser performance – Due to the minimal power needed, laser tube life improves and it also allows lasers to mark films that they could not previously due to material punctures.