RFID Asset Tracking

Identify, Manage, Track & Distribute

In today’s world of instant gratification, businesses must perfect the art of distribution. Unfortunately, tracing critical resources both cheaply and efficiently during shipment or production is incredibly challenging. Using an automated RFID asset tracking management system built on this small but powerful technology ensures that your company can access real-time reporting without increasing labor or other overhead costs.

The Art of RFID

RFID asset trackingUnlike the common barcode, RFID tags do not need to be in sight of a scanner to be read and can actually be embedded into the object being tracked. Instead, their tags are connected to a centralized system or application that relays information from the package, equipment, or animal to a PRAT (passive reader active tag), ARPT (active reader passive tag), or ARAT (active reader active tag). Each system creates a specific interrogation zone which can be altered to fit the needs of a particular job or industry. Combined with mobile computing and access to a network, the real-time nature of RFID reduces costs while increasing productivity during transportation and manufacturing. RFID tags and labels can streamline your shipping process by identifying, managing, and tracking your assets.

Pricing for every budget

But what if your business can’t afford to invest in a specialized printer? Paragon Data Systems, Inc. offers companies of all sizes instant RFID compliance by printing smart labels, eliminating the upfront costs of training, testing and hardware purchases and upgrades.  Now, anyone can conveniently meet all compliance mandates for retail (EPC) or DoD barcodes.  No need to worry about changing regulations — we make sure all current RFID requirements are met.  Simply enter your information into our website’s formatting system and place your printing order. It’s that easy!  Pricing is based on volume, not on membership fees, so you only pay for the labels you need.  By printing on demand, our system eliminates costly wasted labels, saving your company money.  High-volume customers can even negotiate a flat rate for future labeling purchases.

Simple, secure online storage

Paragon also provides secure online storage for your RFID data.  After you order, your uniquely-generated RFID numbers are emailed to you for instant review.  This information is then placed in your account online, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.  A hard-copy of the tag is printed instantly and shipped to you at the next pick-up, improving and optimizing your own company’s delivery times.

Compliant with all tracking standards

ParagonRFID.com ensures that all tags are readable and follow all guidelines, and test each tag before, during, and after they are printed for guaranteed performance.  Let us shoulder the costs of equipment updates and industry standards — grow your business instantly with Paragon RFID. For more information, please visit www.paragonrfid.com

They are one of the most wonderful companies to work with. Always professional and willing to do whatever they can to make the SafeBaby Solution easy to implement.  I was especially impressed during implementation when the team would adjust programming on the fly to suit our needs…..They are always looking at the program and talking to the people that are actually using it to make improvements.  Recently, we had a baby with a wrong sticker and SafeBaby® caught it.  But not only does it catch misfeeds on a regular basis, it also warns of expired milk. That is where we see a lot of benefit from the system.
Nancy McAlexander, RN MSNGwinnett Medical Center
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