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The Power of the Barcode in your Hand: Premier Computer Solutions

We know that every business is different and has its own unique set of processes and workflow. That’s why we offer a range of wireless handheld computers to meet the needs of your environment. Easily scan barcodes and wirelessly transmit data in real-time directly to your computer system. Tracking your assets, updating inventory, and even managing your entire supply chain is simple when you automate your operations!

Discover the benefits of implementing a wireless barcode data collection system:

Handheld Computers Are Built to Perform

Our handheld computer solutions boast long battery life, wireless connectivity options, strong computing performance, and rugged design.  Their speed and accuracy allows users to run virtually any software application with no annoying downtime or loss of productivity, and its rugged design can handle the bumps, drops, and spills that are inevitable in any warehouse environment. Our devices can take those hits and keep performing at the high level our customers expect and deserve.

Handheld Computer Features:

Variety of Configurations

Not all environments are the same; we understand that your workplace has unique challenges and a specific set of needs. That’s why we offer handheld computers with a variety of configurations. These run from entry level, pocket-sized devices to handheld computers that offer pistol grips and come complete with a full alpha-keyboard.

  • Sizes and form factors: Paragon offers a wide variety of size and form function options, including palm-sized devices, phone sized devices, pistol grips, large keys, and full keyboards.
  • Ergonomics and durability requirements: We offer wearable devices as well as light and heavy industrial options. Our handheld computer solutions are perfect for use in the field or within the four walls of your enterprise.
  • Software processing requirements: We will ensure that your selected device packs enough memory capacity and will work with your enterprise’s operating system and software.
  • Scanner options: We will assist you in selecting the scanning option that best works with your enterprise, depending on your scan range and barcode system.
  • Peripherals: Our handheld computers offer RFID reading capabilities, connectivity options, and mobile printing capabilities.

Operating System Flexibility

In addition to .net development, we offer RHO Element Programming. This means that our high performing handheld computers work on any operating system, including Windows, Android, and iOS. Choose your handheld computer based on its application and not upon which operating system it uses.

Mobile Device Management

Updating devices can be time consuming and tedious, especially when you have more than one device to update. With our mobile device management, you can easily update and maintain all of your handheld computers from a single location, regardless of where your computers are located in your enterprise.

Why Buy from Paragon?

Barcode Data Collection: Leverage our 17 Years of Experience of Providing Systems with Maximum Uptime

At Paragon, we have over 17 years of barcode data collection experience. We are a total solutions provider offering hardware, software, and services to ensure that your install is a success. We have a long track record of achieving strong results for each and every installation.  Our methodology includes taking the time to understand your business’ unique needs and recommending a solution designed to improve operations and increase profitability.

On-Staff Experts

We know that it is important to select the right tool for the job. Things like device size and weight, keyboard preferences, and screen readability make a big difference. As a barcode systems integration authority, we have experts on staff ready to guide you through the equipment selection process. We only stock quality, well-tested brands like Zebra Technologies to give you the best and most reliable performance with the products you buy.


Paragon is constantly pushing the limits on what barcoding technology can do.  Committed to investing in new and important developments, we partner with both established companies and up-and-coming prospects to bring you the best available solutions.  Additionally, Paragon’s own in-house developed software has revolutionized traditionally labor-intensive and error-prone industries.

Technical Support and Repair

Technical issues seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times. When your equipment breaks down, avoid finger pointing and lost productivity. Paragon offers a full range of technical support and services that include:

  • Installation, training, and start up assistance
  • Pre-configuration: We will make sure that your new equipment is ready to perform as soon as you remove it from the box
  • Kitting
  • Cold boot assistance: Your settings will not be lost when you reboot your equipment
  • Over-the-phone technical support

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Paragon’s knowledgeable staff have exceeded our company’s expectations in every respect by providing first-class technical support, money-saving solutions and reliable products, time after time.
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