Fleet Inventory

Fleet Inventory

In order to effectively manage your inventory and assets, you need to know the location of every vehicle and equipment repair parts. But tracking multiple- and mobile– assets can easily get complicated without the right systems in place. Managing all that paperwork is a cumbersome hassle.

Golf cart rental facilities are particularly affected by inefficient documentation, as the constant influx of new customers borrowing a car to old customers returning one leaves too much room for error. Relying on a slow manual system can cause delays and customer frustration.

CarTrax: Automating Asset Tracking

cartrax carts

Paragon developed a unique software solution to combat this issue. CarTrax is a fleet inventory system that uses barcodes and mobile computers to track each golf cart as it is leased, driven, and returned by your clients. All this data is then compiled into an accessible vehicle and user history that you can reference at your fingertips.

If you want to know where every car is in your fleet, or look up current leases, current customers, the accessories being used, and the last time a car was serviced, CarTrax is the perfect solution.

With the CarTrax Systems, you can identify each car as it returns to and leaves your facility. Using your mobile computer, an employee will scan the cart’s barcode, noting the serial number, options and accessories, battery age, cart number and customer information. Vehicles being brought into the dealership shop for service can also be tracked. The CarTrax software will record the work order number, what repairs were made, and when the cart was sent back to the customer.

Most importantly, when your cars leave your lot for large events or short-term loans, each one’s exact location and status can be tracked, meaning your employees can manage high-volume rental agreements and customer invoicing efficiently and with little effort.

If your business could use a mobile asset and inventory tracking solution, or if you’d like to learn more about how our fleet inventory software can be customized to fit your application, call us at 800.211.0768 to speak with a programming expert.

They are one of the most wonderful companies to work with. Always professional and willing to do whatever they can to make the SafeBaby Solution easy to implement.  I was especially impressed during implementation when the team would adjust programming on the fly to suit our needs…..They are always looking at the program and talking to the people that are actually using it to make improvements.  Recently, we had a baby with a wrong sticker and SafeBaby® caught it.  But not only does it catch misfeeds on a regular basis, it also warns of expired milk. That is where we see a lot of benefit from the system.
Nancy McAlexander, RN MSNGwinnett Medical Center
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