Labels and Ribbons

Barcode Labels

barcode labelsAlmost every industry imaginable relies on barcode labels. From healthcare to logistics to government and manufacturing, businesses around the world rely on Paragon to provide quality solutions for inventory management, data collection projects, and merchandise tracking. Our durable labels are rated for industrial use in the harshest environments- hot, cold, waterlogged, cryogenic, high-stress, and chemical-based included.  Paragon’s expert technicians will recommend the best choice for your unique needs.

Paragon Data Systems, Inc. partners directly with barcoding leaders Zebra Technologies and Datamax to obtain direct access to complete catalogs of standard stock and specialty media supplies. From simple tag identification to complex labeling processes, let Paragon create your custom label design.

Printer Ribbons

ribbonsParagon Data Systems, Inc. carries a wide array of optimal quality thermal transfer ribbons to fit any barcode printer. We offer an extensive selection of resin, wax, and wax-resin thermal transfer ribbons rated for high-volume, high-stress jobs. Paragon stocks ribbon in over 30 different process colors compatible with varying levels of durability and high-speed printing. After we determine the nature of your business and the type of printer required, our expert barcode system integrators can recommend a proper ribbon match for the job at hand.

Near-Edge Ribbons

Near edge ribbons are used in near edge printers, which produce printed materials by harnessing the power of heat and pressure to transfer an image from a coated ribbon to the label.  The “near edge” method positions the line of heat elements close to the corner or edge of the printhead, at an angle to the label path.  This method allows for printing on a wider variety of materials at faster speeds, and produces a higher-quality print with smaller fonts.

Applications requiring flexible packaging such as patient identification, produce, frozen goods, UDI compliance, and small-parts packaging can all benefit from the durability and security of near edge. Near edge labels can be made from weather-resistant substrates in many different shapes, so they can wrap around a water bottle or even a car.

Recent advances in technology make flexible packaging one of the most economical and customizable ways to package, preserve and distribute food, sterile liquids, small consumables, pharmaceuticals and other products requiring extended shelf lives. It can be designed with barrier properties tailored to fit the products being packaged and their end-uses, whereas other barrier packaging formats are generally less forgiving.

OEM ribbons are often sold with high mark-ups.  Paragon can provide you with the same ribbon at a lower cost.

Why Buy from Paragon?

We always have our clients’ convenience in mind. For businesses just starting out or looking to expand operations, we offer complete barcode printing solutions with compatible printers, labels, and premium-quality ribbons. Customized by our educated technicians, our integrated printing systems will ensure optimal printing performance and efficient use of your thermal ribbon stock.

Not sure which type of labels and ribbons your business needs? Call us at 800.211.0768 to speak directly with one of our technical experts.