Patient Identification


002_DS6878_HC_010Identihealth is the flexible patient identification system for today’s healthcare providers.  Combining innovative Zebra-brand hardware with customized, EMR-compatible software, Identihealth provides a comprehensive, GS1 compliant solution for on-demand patient wristband printing.


In even the smallest of medical facilities, patients are often being moved from floor-to-floor, doctor-to-doctor, or even building-to-building.  Mistakes can happen to even the most careful caregiver; but the risks drastically increase every time a patient’s medication, diagnosis, or location changes.  By ensuring accurate, up-to-the-minute patient identification and chart labeling, Identihealth empowers the caregiver to print updated labels when and where they need them, offering speed and convenience while still protecting the patient.


Built to meet each hospital’s specific needs and optimize already-existing workflow, Identihealth fully conforms to patient safety standards without sacrificing efficiency.  The system features our “smart” Clinical Label Printer, a specialized wristband printer with an attached scanner to read and copy already-existing wristbands.  Our printer distributes printing throughout the health network, giving medical professionals the ability to recreate labels quickly without accessing their admitting system or even having to use a PC.  Duplicate labels can print directly from the Clinical Label Printer simply by scanning an existing label and inputting the desired quantity.  When networked, these printers can be used to produce new labels as soon as a status change occurs.


The Identihealth System even includes a work-around for system downtime, as patients still require processing even when admitting systems are unavailable.  Patient data can be collected in the interim, and merged with previously-stored data or printed up in a report so that the patient can be admitted once the software is back on-line.

System Specifications

Using the latest in barcode identification products, the Identihealth System bypasses all the typical obstacles of effective patient identification and tracking.  Our product offers:

• Durable and reliable wristbands
• Color-coded wristbands for allergy & infectious indicators
• Chart labels with supplemental vial & sample identification labels
• Glove-friendly adhesives for chart and specimen labels
• Soft wristbands for infants and other sensitive patients
• scanning solutions for any EMR software


In addition, our product can include the following components:


• Printed wristbands or wristband labels
• Customizable
• Patient picture
• Newborn to adult patient sizes

Chart Labels

• Single or multi-part
• Customizable
• Re-printable directly from printer


• Printers
• Scanners
• Mobile Computers
• Downtime software

Adaptable to YOUR needs

While Identihealth provides a simple way to ensure patient safety, each medical facility will still have its own unique requirements.  Identihealth is customizable to all admitting and EMR systems.  If you’d like to learn more about how Identihealth can work for you, contact Paragon’s experts today to discuss a tailored design solution at 800.211.0768 or email us here.