Wireless Site Survey

Evaluating and Preparing your Facility for Wireless Network Installation

wireless site survey for warehouseImplementing a wireless network is a secure and efficient way to communicate throughout your facility. However, it’s important to know where each access point should be placed for the best coverage. Paragon offers our customers a wireless site survey to plan and design their network to guarantee optimal capacity and define the boundaries of the signal.

A wireless, or “RF” survey is the first step to providing a modern and convenient method for transferring data throughout your enterprise.

Steps to Complete a Site Survey with Paragon:


1. The customer provides building’s layout, maps, or blueprints. The more detailed, the better.

  • Customer provides layout of any existing AP’s
  • Existing RF network will be monitored for gaps in coverage
  • Customer is notified that a lift will be needed during the site survey
  • Scissor or boom lift needed to place RF test cells.

2. Site survey engineer is sent on-site to perform RF site survey.

  • General walk through of facility performed and items of interest documented
  • Any existing RF network is monitored for current coverage and performance
  • RF test cell units are placed at preliminary installation locations
  • A connection between the RF test cell and our RF analyzer is established
  • Connection is monitored and documented within the RF test cell boundaries
  • Areas of low signal quality and obstructions are documented and accounted for
  • Facility is monitored for RF quality, RF range, RF noise, and RF obstructions

3. Gathered documentation and facility information is entered into Paragon RF site survey software using the Zebra Enterprise WLAN Planner

  • All information from step 2 is entered into Paragon’s RF site survey software
  • Obstructions, RF noise, or anything that can affect AP signal is identified
  • Software provides precise AP locations based upon gathered facility data
  • AP heat maps are produced after AP locations have been calculated
  • Heat maps correlate to RF signal strength, throughput, noise, etc.

4. Report is assembled by Paragon technician and delivered to the customer for final plan evaluation

  • Steps 2 and 3 are combined into the report, which typically includes 1 page per AP + standard report pages (contents, introduction, etc.)

Report includes:

  • Recorded facility details
  • Documented and mapped AP locations
  • AP heat maps to visualize RF signal
  • Detailed layout map for installation of AP/cable runs
  • Paragon limitations and terms of service

The Paragon Guarantee:

If we perform your site survey and you purchase the AP’s and installation from Paragon, we guarantee full facility RF coverage


Why Should you Invest in a Consultation?


Today’s world of global commerce is a fiercely competitive marketplace. Successful companies need to invest in innovative technologies that allow them to provide products and services faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than their rivals. However, the real-world constraints of limited time and resources makes it risky to implement new technologies without knowing if they are the best choice for a specific application or business process.

Paragon offers a consultation and site survey as a guaranteed way to figure out whether your facility can support a wireless network BEFORE you purchase any hardware or software. When you work with us, you can set yourself apart from the competition and work with leading industry experts to create your ultimate solution.

Paragon’s knowledgeable staff have exceeded our company’s expectations in every respect by providing first-class technical support, money-saving solutions and reliable products, time after time.
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