Vehicle Mount Computers

Vehicle Mount Computers


Today’s worker needs mobility to gain real-time insight into what is happening within their supply chain. At Paragon, we offer vehicle mount computers that allow workers to improve data collection accuracy and increase operational efficiency.

Our broad spectrum of vehicle mount computer options can accommodate either stand up or sit down platforms for forklifts. Paragon can customize your vehicle mount computers, software, and applications to meet all the needs of your mobile workforce.

The Benefits of Going Mobile

Wireless Data Collection for the Toughest Environments

Vehicle mount computers allow for wireless connectivity and the collection of real-time data in any environment and at any point within the supply chain, from receiving and put-away to picking and shipping. Our vehicle mount computers allow you to collect and view real-time data in environments where shock and vibration are common. In these conditions, your standard, commercial desktop or laptop machine would not survive.

Built to Last: Durable Functionality

Paragon’s vehicle mount computers are built to withstand day to day wear in rough environments. We know that your devices have to withstand the vibration and shocks that naturally come with being mounted on a forklift machine. Our vehicle mount solutions will endure the roughest of treatments and environments and still operate at maximum functionality for your enterprise.

Moisture Resistant

We offer units with hardy stainless steel exteriors and resistive touch screens that are moisture resistant and can be easily washed and wiped down. Regardless of whether you’re using our devices in a freezer environment, in the rain, or in the humidity, our vehicle mount computers will continue to function consistently.  We only stock quality, well-tested brands to ensure the best and most reliable performance. Our vehicle mount computers are manufactured by industry leaders, including Zebra Enterprises, Glacier Computers, and Citadel Computer Corporation.

Handheld vs. Vehicle Mount Solutions

Vehicle mount computers offer a full screen, full keypad, and the complete computer experience. There is no need for battery management due to the machine being powered at all times.  At Paragon, we will assist you in your scanner and keyboard selection. We will also ensure software integration and that your selected solutions work with your wireless network, connect to your system, and run the required software.

Mobile Device Management

Avoid the time consuming and tedious task of updating one device at a time. With our mobile device management, you can easily update and maintain all of your vehicle mount computers from a single location, regardless of where your computers are located in your enterprise.

Why buy from Paragon Data?

Over 17 Years of Deploying Vehicle Mount Computer Systems

With over 17 years of barcode data collection experience, we have helped companies in virtually every industry utilize technology to improve operations and profitability.  Instead of wasting time researching countless different options or risking an incompatible purchase, immediately turning to Paragon can limit production downtime, reduce operating costs, and drastically increase efficiency.  Put simply, Paragon offers a better return on your barcode investment.

On-Staff Experts

We have on-staff experts ready to guide you through the equipment selection and testing process. These experts take the time to understand your work processes and environment and assist you in selecting a vehicle mount solution that will match how your business works.

Technical Services and Repair

When your equipment breaks down, avoid finger pointing and, instead, make one call to our technical services and repair team. Our technical services and repair team will rapidly solve the problem and get you back to work. Paragon offers a full range of technical support and services that include:

  • Over the phone technical support
  • Pre-configuration: We guarantee that your equipment will be ready to perform once you open the box
  • Installation, training and start up assistance
  • Kitting
  • Cold boot assistance: Your settings will not be lost when you need to reboot your equipment
  • Depot repair: We can provide hot spare equipment for mission critical applications
Paragon’s knowledgeable staff have exceeded our company’s expectations in every respect by providing first-class technical support, money-saving solutions and reliable products, time after time.
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