Uniform Tracking



Discover efficiency in the rental garment industry!

Even if you are the leader in your industry, you can still find ways to improve. Paragon has provided the world’s leading uniform rental company an on-site analysis of one of the key points of the company’s operations and created an efficient, money-saving solution. By providing a “ClearView” of the company’s out of service garment inventory and allowing them a way to share inventory between locations, our uniform tracking software solution reduces new garment purchases, organized inventory tracking, and created a greater level of work flow efficiency.

The result: Inventory becomes more manageable and better utilized with a direct effect on the bottom line. Each location is able to request from the current inventory of other locations instead of having to purchase new replacement garments providing huge financial savings.

The return: Less than 6 months from start-up.

The takeaway: If your company does not have a “ClearView” of its inventory, or if you can benefit from sharing inventory between locations, let Paragon build a solution for you.