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Printing stand-alone projects or running a coordinated worldwide enterprise is easy when you use the correct software tools.  Even the best barcode hardware can’t function without quality software installs propelling its applications.  Paragon Data Systems, Inc. can provide your company with the optimal software solution for your specific barcode and data collection systems, and even integrating new labeling programs into your system’s existing ERP software can be a seamless transition with our professional assistance.  Investing in premier software  packages will help you create a skillfully-designed and industry-compliant for your barcoding products.  Pairing your custom labels with a high-powered, centralized print center and top-notch data collection hardware, our barcoding software will maximize your business’ production potential. Paragon also provides compliance consulting and label design services for clients who need help understanding complex regulations and system guidelines.  Don’t struggle to stay informed on your field’s constantly changing requirements!  Allow Paragon’s expert technicians to keep your labeling software up-to-date.


Developers of the world’s first Windows software for industrial label creation, Seagull Scientific has made BarTender an industry-leader in label printing in more than 150 countries. While still used for on-demand printing and marking applications, today’s edition of BarTender also offers RFID, print and encode support for smart cards, powerful drawing features, and several companion applications to form an all-encompassing design and print solution.

Workable with a myriad of hardware and programs, BarTender can integrate into existing systems instead of requiring costly upgrades or locking companies into one specific hardware brand, or run as a stand-alone program. The software is intuitive, containing ready-to-print templates, data-entry forms, compliance labels, and a scalable industrial symbol library. You can also generate a serial number or personalized sequence. If you can’t find a preloaded guide or design, BarTender’s Visual Basic Script Assistant makes it easy to customize the program to carry out more complicated data-processing actions. The newest version even allows you to share data sources with documents across your network via access to global data fields.

Users can choose from four different versions of the software to fit their particular budget and data needs. Whether your company needs the “Enterprise Automation” or “Automation” package in Printer-based Licensing, or the “Professional” or “Basic” option in PC-based Licensing, you can be sure that BarTender will provide a cost-effective, secure, and fully-supported application for all your printing needs.