Lomel Labels

Lomel® Labels: Traceability & Validation in Every Rubber Batch

Implement Near-Zero Waste and Automated Ingredient Tracking

The Lomel batch-inclusion Label from Paragon allows rubber compounding manufacturers to avoid scrap and unnecessary expense while supporting efficient ingredient validation and lot traceability.

When it comes to mixing rubber, properly identifying and validating ingredient bags before they are added to the rest of the batch can save tens of thousands of dollars per year.  Even pre-filled bags need to be correctly identified and recorded.  Lomel labels are the ultimate material to ensure compliant and accurate chemical labeling.

A Historical Solution to an Expensive Problem

Before Lomel, rubber manufacturers struggled to find a dependable solution for labeling their various bags of chemical ingredients.  One wrong addition to a batch can spell disaster for the entire mix, resulting in hundreds of pounds of contaminated product and lost revenue.  Initially, engineers tried labeling the bags with tags from a thermal printer, which failed to adhere properly, or even old-fashioned markers and pens, which smeared and did little to aid efforts towards automation.  Factory owners were perplexed and frustrated with the time-consuming and ineffective process.

Lomel: Our Perfect Solution

lomel labels and bagThe patented Lomel label was designed to eliminate all of these problems.  Fabricated from the same EVA 160 material used to make Lomel® bags, the printed Lomel® label is affixed directly onto the pre-filled ingredient bag, and Lomel® labels are printed on-demand with all the required data in both barcode and human readable formats. Barcode scanners can then capture all data prior to the pre-filled bags, and stop wrong ingredients from entering the mix. Unlike systems that rely on paper labels or RFID tags, the Lomel® label never contaminates or weakens a mix because it melts and disperses just as easily as the Lomel® bag.

However, Paragon not only provided a better way to label each ingredient– we also gave companies a way to automatically capture and store a record of these ingredients for standard batch traceability and recall management practices.  See how Hexpol uses Lomel to support more efficient and cost-effective mixing and traceability.

By scanning the barcoded Lomel label before mixing, workers will know exactly which compounds and substances are in a particular mix, and can access or produce a government-compliant list in case of a recall.  Best of all, this custom-designed barcode fits all this information on just a 2×4 label- minuscule in comparison to earlier work-arounds.

Altogether, the Lomel label eliminates scrap dispersal and lost productivity from contamination of the wrong ingredients within minimal effort from the manufacturer.  Our rubber mixing solution saves money, time, and protects against harsh non-compliance penalties or customer backlash from low-quality products.

Where Has Paragon Helped Before?

Paragon provides Lomel labels and complete lot traceability systems to companies around the globe.  See how Paragon’s full-scale system integration made one elastomer manufacturer’s ingredient confusion disappear.

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