Barcode Printers

Barcode Printers: Which Type is Best for your Business?

Businesses expected to follow strict labeling compliance standards know they can count on us for an experienced solution.  Paragon has established partnerships with the top companies in the industry to provide cutting-edge printing technology to our customers.  From small desktop jobs to high-volume mobile printers, the barcode printers we carry can take on any task.

Barcode printers easily interface with any environment

Our technicians are trained to integrate your barcode printer to your specific working environment.  After installation, your new device will easily interface with your company’s network or database to create custom labeling solutions specific to each job’s need.

Whether you need to force labeling compliance across your supply chain, conform to government mandates on chemical shipping or food lot traceability, or print color labels on-demand, Paragon has a tailored package to improve your efficiency. We also carry a line of standard media supported by each printer type and brand, including various ribbons, label type, and label size.

Thermal Label Printers

Our thermal label barcode printers have the ability to link directly to scales, barcode scanners or other devices, so that labels can be generated by the printer instead of by a separate PC.

Efficiency that saves time, money, and the environment

Direct printing software and hardware not only allows you to print on-demand, but eliminates wasted warehouse space from stockpiling labels. Instead of investing resources in materials you may not even use, your production can be far more streamlined and environmentally-friendly. Our barcode printers support an entirely new way of doing business- focusing on the complete cycle of manufacturing, distribution, and tracking. When you purchase from Paragon, you receive a completely custom solution tailored to your company’s specific processes, minus the typical overhead costs that choke profits and production.

Even if you want to replace an old barcode printer but don’t have the access or ability to modify the data stream, we can help! Our programmers can interpret or strip data out of the legacy printer commands and reformat them for a new thermal label printer.

We have put these solutions into applications across all verticals including:

They are one of the most wonderful companies to work with. Always professional and willing to do whatever they can to make the SafeBaby Solution easy to implement.  I was especially impressed during implementation when the team would adjust programming on the fly to suit our needs…..They are always looking at the program and talking to the people that are actually using it to make improvements.  Recently, we had a baby with a wrong sticker and SafeBaby® caught it.  But not only does it catch misfeeds on a regular basis, it also warns of expired milk. That is where we see a lot of benefit from the system.
Nancy McAlexander, RN MSNGwinnett Medical Center
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