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How Safe are your Operations?

Whether you run a production facility, manufacturing plant, or even an inventory warehouse, OSHA requires you to support a safe and healthy workplace and conform to certain industry standards. But knowing your environment is free from hazards is only half the battle- you have to maintain and distribute the records to prove it. If your company still relies on paper-based systems, you are vulnerable to inefficient and non-compliant practices.

Investing in an automated safety inspection software solution is highly beneficial and much more efficient than relying on slower, manual methods. Safety violations, health code concerns, and general compliance issues can all result in fines, penalties, and in extreme cases, a complete cessation of production and distribution until changes are made and approved by OSHA.

ClearSafe: Safety Inspection Software that Delivers

ClearSafe is safety inspection software by ParagonWhen you hand out safety inspection sheets, how do you know that each item was tested in a quick and efficient manner? How can you verify the employee you asked to perform an audit took the time to actually check the asset or system, and didn’t just simply check the box? And when management or maintenance needs to be notified, how long does that process take?

Eliminate worry: invest in an automated system

If keeping track of paperwork and reporting is more tedious and time-consuming than it should be, consider Paragon’s ClearSafe solution, our customizable safety inspection software. ClearSafe can completely modernize your inspection verification process by providing a complete and comprehensive paperless alternative. We designed ClearSafe around the best practices of OSHA and other industry leaders in safety inspection systems in order to prevent avoidable injuries and ensure hazards are dealt with before they become an issue.

How Does ClearSafe Work?


  • works for any asset on any schedule
  • allows you to empower your employees to increase awareness and productivity by encouraging a culture of safety
  • prevents unsafe situations from continuing
  • best of all, ClearSafe is able to run online and in real-time

ClearSafe eliminates the need for paperwork because everything is stored online and available to you at any time.

First, all assets and inspection points are identified and assigned a barcode. To perform an inspection, each barcode must be scanned. This ensures that the employee actually and thoroughly performed the inspection. Any situation that requires maintenance or poses a threat to safety will be fixed right away, because the system will message or email maintenance and management as soon as the problem is registered.

ClearSafe is based on site licenses and not the number of individual users, so it is cost effective. You can even restrict and manage access for all users and inspectors on-site or remotely, allowing companies with multiple facitilies to see when, where, and how inspections are taking place even if they themselves are at a different location. When supervisors can do their jobs from thousands of miles away, you no longer have to compromise between safety and efficiency.

We Can Build your Custom ClearSafe Solution

Nearly any company can benefit from deploying safety inspection software. Find out how ClearSafe can protect your business from fines, work delays, and safety hazards: call us today at 800.211.0768 or send us your questions here. Our expert technicians take the time to understand your specific business processes and will recommend the hardware and software that best fits your facility or entire enterprise.

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