Protective Enclosures

Keep printers safe with Paragon

Not all data management can happen in a clean, dry office. Construction workers, truckers, farmers, manufacturers- these are just some of the many people who rely on having the convenience of barcoding hardware right on the production site. Even the dirty jobs need doing.

But when sensitive machinery has to battle against all this dirt, it breaks. Constant costs and delays from print head failure, equipment breakdown, or the inefficient work-around of having to relocate electronics before cleaning is expensive and unproductive. How can industrial industries minimize these annoying interruptions?

Protective Enclosures: A Physical Insurance Policy

You have coverage for your car, your house, maybe even an expensive possession or two. Marilyn Monroe’s legs were worth $10,000. So why wouldn’t you take steps to protect the expensive hardware you rely on to run your business?

NEMA rated protective enclosuresWhile we’ve become experts at fixing damaged barcoding products, we’d like to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Our quality line of protective enclosures is meant to be a sort of “insurance” against avoidable cracking, dropping, crushing, or dirtying your printers can face in the line of duty.

Protective enclosures are sturdy, economical casings that house your barcoding printers, computers, and electrical access points and shield them from dirt and damage in harsh work environments. Our NEMA-rated products perform in even the hottest, coldest, or wettest of jobs. Keep your projects on track and your equipment on the production line regardless of rain, dust, or cleaning protocols.

Customize your Casing

Choose the best fit enclosure for you! Our Type 12 NEMA grade enclosures provide a positive air pressure environment to discourage circulating dust, dirt, and other particulate buildup on sensitive equipment, while our Type 4 model protects against water damage during washdown applications or inclement weather. Need an enclosure for tracking inventory in a freezer? Type 2 and 3 are drip-tight against condensation, ice, and snow.

Don’t see something that fits your needs?

We’ll build one for you! Each protective enclosure is available in a wide variety of materials, including non-corrosive, flame-retardant, and non-conductive plastics, and can be tailored to a specific job site or function with options like cooling fans, neoprene gaskets, and removable, washable filters. Our casings can even be customized by color.

Your barcoding hardware is an expensive investment. Protect it with Paragon.

Accidents Happen.

Even with the best protection, sometimes your equipment is still going to get damaged. Visit our barcode repair page to see what kind of hardware service and protection plans we offer.

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