Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain management is a differentiator for today’s successful businesses. It is no longer a “want,” but has become a “must.” To implement a system correctly means that you are overcoming strategic challenges, meeting regulatory requirements, customer demands and doing more with less.

Implementing supply chain solutions require:

supply chain management

  • Managing an extended, multi-country, global supply chain.
  • Implementing risk mitigation and management.
  • Taking a collaborative approach to supplier relationships.
  • Optimizing manpower and workflow while controlling and eliminating costs.
  • Developing best practices for internal processes, procedures and governance.
  • Extracting useful data that can deliver measurable metrics.
  • Building an infrastructure that can support rapid growth and change.
  • Dealing with new domestic and international laws and regulations.

Paragon offers supply chain solutions powered by industry-leading RFGen software that can help:

  • Track and trace products – Utilize barcode labels and RFID tags to improve accuracy and efficiency from raw material and goods receipt to finished goods and shipping. Easily identify and track products and materials, and trace items down to the individual lot number.
  • Optimize the supply chain – Capture more accurate information about inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and resource utilization and by allowing employees to adapt workflows for greater efficiency.
  • Automate warehouse operations – Help materials and finished goods accelerate through your operations by using wireless scanners and mobile devices combined with highly efficient picking and staging.
  • Keep operating even when there is system downtime – Use RFGen high-availability distributed solutions. More than simple store and forward or batch operations, RFGen offers advanced replication techniques, intelligent transaction management and lightly-coupled mobile architecture.
  • Capture data in the field or in remote locations – Keep data on the mobile or handheld device when operators are off-network and reestablishing connectivity automatically or on demand.
  • Unitized inventory management – Identify pallets and products uniquely and automatically produce compliance labels and shipping documents that customers require.
  • Forced label compliance – Ensure each supplier, distributor, or vendor on your supply chain is producing compliant labels with our easy to use web application LabeLink
  • Mitigate risk and comply with government mandates – Better track and control inventory, react more quickly to recalls, and provide information needed for compliance with domestic and international government regulations.
  • Food traceability – Track your product throughout the distribution cycle and meet federal reporting regulations. Improper recall management caused by outdated business practices puts your brand at risk for potentially catastrophic fines, lost productivity, and consumer disloyalty. Paragon’s solution can help you remain compliant.
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