Custom Printer Software

Printing Beyond PC's

Today’s thermal transfer printers are built with the power to solve many operational and work flow challenges. Most companies are not aware of the power of these printers, or do not have the tools and expertise to harness it. At Paragon, our team of application engineers and programmers can help you get more out of your hardware then you ever thought possible when you invest in custom printer software.

Custom Printer Software Replaces Overhead Costs with Efficient Processes

We connect printers directly to scales, barcode scanners and other devices to remove the need for a PC to generate labels. Our solutions save on cost and space, as we eliminate the need to create and stockpile labels ahead of time. Using these methods, we can deliver single purpose solutions that don’t have the overhead,  making it an easy system for any company to deploy and maintain.

Even if you want to replace an old printer but don’t have the access or ability to modify the data stream, we can help! Our programmers can interpret or strip data out of the legacy printer commands and reformat them for a new thermal label printer.

We have put these solutions into applications across all verticals including:

Save money and eliminate concerns and issues with our customized printer solutions and software. Send us your questions or call us at 800.211.0768 to discuss your unique application.

They are one of the most wonderful companies to work with. Always professional and willing to do whatever they can to make the SafeBaby Solution easy to implement.  I was especially impressed during implementation when the team would adjust programming on the fly to suit our needs…..They are always looking at the program and talking to the people that are actually using it to make improvements.  Recently, we had a baby with a wrong sticker and SafeBaby® caught it.  But not only does it catch misfeeds on a regular basis, it also warns of expired milk. That is where we see a lot of benefit from the system.
Nancy McAlexander, RN MSNGwinnett Medical Center
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