Enterprise Tablets

Enterprise Tablets

rugged-tabletHow We Can Help You Select the Right Device for the Job

Consumer devices are popular and flashy, but unfortunately they are not hardy enough for tough outdoor or indoor use. When you work in a rugged environment, you need a tablet that is specifically built to handle the most demanding workplaces. At Paragon, we offer a complete line of enterprise tablets that can perform in the most harsh and demanding environments.

Enterprise tablets possess the sleek design of consumer tablets and have longer battery life, powerful computer performance – capable of handling any application you need or want to run – and the wherewithal to withstand drops and continue to run as expected.

Enterprise Quality

Our ruggedized tablet solutions are more than just durable: they are robust devices designed for business use.  They offer increased durability, longer life expectancy and enhanced enterprise functionality, including:

  • Ability for multiple users to log onto and use the same device
  • Reliable connectivity inside the four walls or in the field
  • Roaming capability
  • Advanced security with the ability to restrict O/S updates and user downloads
  • Enhanced battery management

Operating System Flexibility

We offer RHO Element Programming, meaning that our top-quality, rugged tablets work on any operating system, including Windows, Android, and iOS.  Instead of being limited by operating systems, this gives you the flexibility to choose your device based on its own merit.

Mobile Device Management

Updating devices can be time consuming and tedious, especially when you have more than one device to update. With our mobile device management, you can easily update and maintain all of your tablets from a single location, regardless of where your tablets are located in your enterprise.

Advanced Security

Device security is a must have. Out tablets don’t just enable roaming, they also bury other web applications, keeping employees on task and increasing security.  Applications that are not authorized can carry viruses and other issues with them once installed. We offer security to enterprises that prevents users from downloading unauthorized applications. This keeps the tablet running quickly and efficiently.

Why buy from Paragon?

How We Can Help You Select the Right Device for the Job

Partner with the enterprise tablets experts at Paragon.  We will not only help you select an enterprise tablet based on your unique needs, but also have software, integration and technical services expertise to ensure that your workforce always stays on the go.


As mobile computer integration experts, our seasoned staff knows which model of hardware and software to recommend.  We only stock quality, well-tested brands to give you the best and most reliable performance mobile computing experience.


At Paragon, we develop solutions that provide greater visibility into real-time events happening within your enterprise.  We are committed to investing in new and important developments and we partner with both established companies and up-and-coming prospects to bring you the best available solutions.  We have helped businesses automate with technology to revolutionize traditionally labor-intensive and error prone industries through our own in-house developed software applications.

Technical Support and Repair

Avoid finger pointing and make one call to solve technical problems. Our technical support and repair team will rapidly solve the issue and get you back to work. Paragon offers a complete range of technical support and services including:

  • Pre-configuration: We will ensure that your equipment and software is ready to perform as soon as you open the box
  • Installation, training and start up assistance
  • Over the phone technical support
  • Kitting
  • Cold boot assistance: Your settings will not be lost when you need to reboot your hardware

Depot Repair: We will provide you with hot spare equipment