Traceability Webinar will be Postponed

Our Webinar Has been Temporarily Postponed

webinar will be rescheduled to accommodate greater interest

We regret to announce that the webinar scheduled for this morning is going to be postponed. Due to a greater amount of interest than anticipated, many people were not able to attend due to scheduling conflicts. We will be holding the webinar at a later date, possibly as soon as the week of July 6th. We will inform all interested attendees of the new date as soon as possible.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience and we hope you’ll join us for our presentation soon!

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See what Traceability can do for You

Paragon supplied a comprehensive traceability and recall management system to New Day Blueberry Farms. Edward Bocock, owner of New Day Blueberry Farm, implemented our solution to manage his crop and provide better service to his customers.

“Our farm is family owned, but the area we provide to has grown exponentially over the years. Our berries are shipped all over the world- New Jersey, California, even Japan. It all depends on the order. It’s beneficial to use this program in our harvesting process. It tells us when the berries were picked and who picked them, and logs the data automatically into our records. If we ever needed to run traceability application, we can show the exact plants the fruits came from. Customers appreciate the transparency, and I appreciate the peace of mind.”

Food Traceability WebinarFollowing the mandates and guidelines of the Food Modernization Act and implementing an efficient auditing system can be intimidating. Don’t blunder through it alone! Paragon’s expert technicians are happy to walk you through the traceability process and explain how a custom system can be created to enhance your existing protocols. For more information on our traceability system or the Food Traceability Webinar, please visit our webpage or call us at 800.211.0768.

Bri Ziganti researches the ins and outs of the Food production, manufacturing and distributing industries and the mandates that govern them so Paragon can implement more efficient and compliant recall management and traceability strategies.  Subscribe to this series for a weekly update on traceability and recall issues, or call 800.211.0768 to speak directly with our sales team to see how Paragon can lessen the likelihood that your business will face a devastating recall.  You can also download our free whitepaper on Recall Management for a comprehensive look into the benefits of automation.
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