Service and Support

Support, Training, and Installation

Who Should I Contact?

Have a question about your invoice?  Need to request a repair?  Want after-hours assistance with your custom system?  Your time is valuable to us, and we want you to get answers to your questions without unnecessary waiting.  Please use the best-fit emails and phone numbers below to contact the correct support department.  If you’re not a client yet, click here to scroll down and see our service options.

Supplies, Hardware, or Systems Orders

To order more media, hardware, or software, or to check the status of an order, please use the following:



Service and Repair

To contact a service technician, request service, or check the status of a repair, please use the following:



General Inquires

To contact our offices with general questions, please use the following:



Why Choose Paragon?

Today’s world of global commerce is a fiercely competitive marketplace.  Companies must set their limited funds of time and resources against the tide of constantly changing technologies and required government guidelines or customer specifications.  How can your employees be expected to stay afloat of the myriad of data collection choices available while fulfilling their day-to-day responsibilities?  That’s where Paragon steps in.

You need a partner that combines industry experience with ongoing education in the latest-and-greatest technological offerings.  Save countless hours of wasted research and expensive experiments in trial-and-error by turning to a trusted barcoding authority.  Paragon Data Systems, Inc. researches, recommends, and implements only the best barcoding hardware and software systems to our clients; it is our business to understand the differences in industry compliance standards, interface options, barcoding requirements, and how these differences are applied to your specific situation.

Once a solution has been installed, Paragon offers on-site training sessions to alleviate new user trial-and-error and allow your company to maximize the benefits of your investment sooner rather than later.  If a company-wide training session can’t be accommodated, your employees can be enrolled in our in-house guided training seminars for a hands-on demonstration of our products, or a web-based training session for more scheduling flexibility.  Set yourself up for success and apart from the competition – work with a company invested in finding your ultimate solution.

Support Contracts and other Options

Installation Options

  • Software Deployment on Mobile Devices/Networked Computers
  • Hardware Deployment
  • In-Line Marking Systems
    • Print & Apply
    • Laser Marking
    • Ink Jet
  • In-Line Scanning and Validation of Barcodes/Data
  •  System Start Up: Forms Deployment
  • On-Site “Go Live” Support

After software deployment, a Paragon technician remains on-site to assess your company’s readiness to commence production with your new hardware or software solution.  This resource is meant to guide your employees through the implementation process and ensure they understand how your data collection and management product will operate, while troubleshooting any difficulties your hardware or software may have as it is integrated into existing systems.  Our “Go Live” Support allows you to limit expensive downtime and delays while learning to use your new barcoding product.

Service Contracts

Service Definition: Paragon employs certified repair experts for bar code printers, scanners, handhelds, and wireless networks.  All manufacturer repair certifications are maintained on an annual basis, and all techs are sent to genuine manufacturer locations for training and certification.  Our technicians are capable of depot and field support, programming, and database administration.  We are also one of the few resellers certified to repair in-line printer applicators.  To accommodate all our clients, Paragon offers several different service contract packages, allowing you flexibility in choosing the level of service that’s right for your budget and business needs.

All Paragon service contracts feature:

  • Support during regular office hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
  • After-hours pager support with 2-hour call back time
  • Toll-free line to the Paragon Support Team
  • Remote-access dial-in for all networked equipment based on customer permissions

Contract Options

Depot Service Contract with Hot Spare Option

  • Any malfunctioning equipment is shipped back to the Paragon repair depot
  • 3-day guaranteed turn around from the receipt of equipment
  • All parts and labor included (except printheads)
  • Return shipping paid by Paragon
  • An exactly configured piece of rental equipment is shipped out via UPD Red from the date of call until the customer’s hardware is repaired and returned

On-Site Service Contract

  • Service tech is dispatched the same day or the next business day depending on the time of the call
  • Service tech provides most standard repair parts and tools needed
  • All parts, labor, and travel included (except printheads)

Phone Support Contract

  • Diagnostic support provided via telephone for bar code hardware, network communications, software application, and database management

Time and Material Support and Repair Service

For new customers or special circumstances, Paragon also offers a case-by-case repair service and technical support. Our Time & Material services are Depot repair and On-site repair.

  • The depot time and materials option requires the customer to send in the malfunctioning equipment, and is billed for all labor costs by the hour.  Clients are also responsible for paying for any necessary parts and shipping.  Average turn-around time is 1 week from receipt of product.
  • The on-site time and materials option will dispatch a Paragon tech to the customer’s operation site.  Customers will be billed for all labor costs by the hour, as well as any necessary parts and travel time.  A dispatch fee may be charged for customers requesting that a technician arrive in two days or less.

Programming Options:

  • Application and database development
  • Software Licensing
  • Debug services
  • Annual upgrades provided at no change to contract customers, or at a fee for non-contract clients.

Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

Paragon Data Systems, Inc. offers secure web hosting options to our specialty-needs clients.  Companies with specific data collection collection systems may require niche systems or web-based programs that require dedicated servers to run, or simply a more advanced hosting infrastructure than can be found elsewhere.  We can provide fully-supported web hosting for all your necessary applications and keep them running smoothly and efficiently with high availability and innovative security features.

Customer service is available to guide your staff through general usage questions or technical troubleshooting issues.  We provide all our IT professionals with ongoing education to keep them at the forefront of technological advancements and program updates.  Trust your network to Paragon’s knowledgeable hosting technicians.

Each hosting package includes:

  • Application or database hosting at high-speed, secure locations
  • Managed IT services providing backup, recovery, and database management for reliable feeds