Managed Networks and Web Hosting

Remote Managed Networks

Effortless Wireless as a Service from Paragon

Wireless as a Service, or Waas, is a pay-as-you-go wireless network architecture that is fully managed, monitored, updated, supported, and optimized to your specific business needs at a cost-effective price point. Each Waas subscription is specifically designed by Paragon to work with your existing facilities and employees to connect your processes securely. Waas is powered by the Paragon Cloud, allowing our engineers a real-time view into your network.

Why Invest in a Managed Network?

Most modern companies rely on some sort of smart hardware to run their operations and record data. And those in the retail or customer-service sectors know that their clients want to be able to be connected wherever they go to access online deals, reviews, social networks, and product information. Yet, many businesses have insufficient wi-fi networks due to outdated equipment, improper configuration, or insufficient infrastructure. This can impact your employee’s performance when trying to use mobility to improve productivity. In customer facing businesses, especially ones where there is poor cell phone service, a lack of a stable wi-fi connection can leave customers frustrated and wanting to take their business elsewhere.

Mobile connectivity and wireless WLAN are easily one of the most important areas both large and small businesses can invest in. Proper planning before implementation is the best way to keep expenses down and guarantee a better connection, which is why Paragon insists on learning about your business and performing a site survey prior to an install. When we have a complete picture of your limitations, processes, and system requirements, we gain the ability to anticipate your needs. More than anything, this is why our WaaS customers trust Paragon.

The Benefits of a Managed Network

Security and Peace of Mind

Paragon Data uses the latest industry standards to secure your wireless network and continuously scan it via our remote management monitoring system. Constant attention to the health and protection of the network means that most issues are resolved immediately, and any detected threats are blocked before sensitive information is compromised. Because we take care of any necessary fixes or updates, there is no need to hire and maintain an I.T. specialist. Our technical support is here to to resolve any issues.

Scaleable to any Business Size

All types of businesses can invest in a wireless as a service solution, because your network can grow and shrink along with your needs. Since our managed network is a subscription-based model, there’s no upfront costs, and you won’t be stuck with too much equipment should you choose to scale down operations. A managed network can be adapted to nearly every need.

Undeniable ROI and Network Affordability

Managed networks from Paragon are monthly-based expenditures that avoid the large investment in equipment purchases that’s common with traditional systems. Paragon provides everything your business needs with one flat monthly fee. There are no surprise upfront costs or unpredictable expenses, just a small operating fee. We offer 3 year plans and 5 year plans to accommodate your budget with either a final buy out or a technology refresh.

Implementing your Managed Network with Paragon:

Before an enterprise network is installed, Paragon provides your company with a thorough site survey. In order to eliminate unnecessary expenses, we complete a total evaluation of your business space, letting the building layout, blue-prints, and facility location direct us on how to craft the most efficient network system. This planning process can be tedious, but it’s extremely necessary for fast and reliable wireless service. Why? Many people believe that the more access points a building has, the better the signal strength you will receive. However, installing too many access points can actually backfire and cause your system to run slower, lose connections, and create coverage gaps. Access points needs to be installed a certain number of feet apart, or else they will interfere with each other and cause system delays. If you don’t plan out where these access points should go, you’ll end up purchasing and maintaining unneeded hardware, spending more money for less performance in the long run. By performing a walk-through of your business, Paragon can construct a managed network that meets both your needs and the needs of your customers.

Web Hosting

Easy Site Backup and Dedicated Server Space

web hosting and managed networks Paragon Data Systems, Inc. offers secure web hosting options to our specialty-needs clients.  Companies with specific data collection systems may require niche software or web-based programs that require dedicated servers to run, or simply a more advanced hosting infrastructure than can be found elsewhere.  We can provide fully-supported web hosting for all your necessary applications and keep them running smoothly and efficiently with high availability and innovative security features.

Customer service is available to guide your staff through general usage questions or technical troubleshooting issues.  We provide all our IT professionals with ongoing education to keep them at the forefront of technological advancements and program updates.  Trust your network to Paragon’s knowledgeable hosting technicians.