Paragon’s Class 1 Division 1 Line of Tablets Now Shipping



Paragon Data Systems, Cleveland-based barcoding and system integrator experts, announced the official launch of and the Ecom Tab-Ex® Product Line, an intrinsically safe, class 1 division 1 rated tablet. These tablets are just as functional as consumer electronics, but are able to be used where commercial models would be at risk for explosion. The revolutionary devices are now available for purchase.

While the use of tablets and other smart tools are now standard in most fields, companies in the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, refining, and chemical branches were often left out of many data collection options. There simply wasn’t a mobile product they could use without fear of setting off the explosive gasses or particles on their jobsites. Ecom’s hazard-certified, freshly engineered devices offer a revolutionary answer to these mobile safety and data efficiency concerns.

The Tab-Ex® hardware line are advanced, touch-sensitive tablets built on the Samsung Galaxy interface. Each tablet comes preloaded with mobile apps developed to interact with SCADA/DCS systems, enterprise systems like SAP, and computerized design systems. High-speed LTE coverage allows you to communicate safely and securely with your team. Most importantly, the class 1 division 1 tablet is rated for use in even the most dangerous environments. Its intrinsically safe design means it’s been specially wired to prevent explosion or sparks when exposed to flammable, hazardous, or harsh working conditions.

“Traditionally speaking, companies working with volatile chemicals or flammable aerosols were at a significant disadvantage when it came to collecting their data,” said James Unger, Paragon’s safety team expert. “Intrinsic safety regulations meant they couldn’t bring any electronics into a hazardous area- and that includes things we take for granted, like computers, phones, even flashlights. For most modern companies, it would be unthinkable not to have these items in the field, but for these industries, it was just a reality of the business.”

However, with advancements in technology, electronics like tablets are now able to be wired with a barrier to prevent ignition around chemicals or flammable particles. The Tab-Ex® class 1 division 1 tablet is currently the only tablet on the market that can be used in these hazardous spaces. The Paragon team is delighted to offer this mobile marvel to customers who need safe methods of data collection.

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Paragon Data Systems provides customized barcoding solutions for companies of all industries. They specialize in creating systems for customers whose requirements are outside the standard offerings of barcode systems. As important players in the barcoding game since 1995, Paragon is now one of the few software companies certified to work with explosion-proof class 1 division 1 products. They’ve partnered up with Ecom, the world’s only provider of commercially-available class 1 division 1 smartphones and tablets, to implement hazard-safe systems around the globe.