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Cleveland Will Host the RNC; Client Support will not be Interrupted

CLEVELAND WILL HOST THE RNC; CLIENT SUPPORT WILL NOT BE INTERRUPTED CLEVELAND, OHIO, JULY 14th, 2016 Beginning Monday, July 18th, Cleveland will host the RNC, welcoming thousands of delegates and news teams into the city.  Since Paragon is located near the epicenter of the action, we have made preparations to provide uninterrupted service during the entirety of [...]

Zebra Upgrades Paragon to Solutions Partner

PARAGON CONTINUES TO GROW IN THE INDUSTRY CLEVELAND, OHIO, MARCH 28th, 2016 Paragon has been upgraded! Zebra Technologies recently named Paragon Data Systems as a premier Solutions Partner for 2016. Paragon has enjoyed our time as a Business Partner to Zebra, and we are honored and excited to improve our status within the industry. CONTACT [...]

Self-Cleaning Clothing Sees the Sunlight

SELF-CLEANING CLOTHING SEES THE SUNLIGHT HOW LONG BEFORE LAUNDRY BECOMES A THING OF THE PAST? Laundry haters, rejoice! The future is here. Self-cleaning clothing has officially been created. Dr. Rajesh Ramanathan from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia led a process development team in their quest to make self-cleaning clothing a reality outside of science lab. [...]