Wireless Networks

WiNG Express

Even the smallest businesses need network management capabilities– unfortunately, many small businesses can’t afford the typical management price tag.  Don’t struggle to compete with the same enterprise-class WLAN connectivity that big corporations have!  Paragon Data Systems offers the WiNG Express Solution from Zebra Enterprise Products as a powerful means to monitor, manage, and mitigate WLAN’s and all the devices connected to it, all without the aid of a dedicated IT department.  Our wireless LAN pairs fast and efficient speeds with sophisticated security features designed to propel and protect your network.

Comprehensive Analytics on a Single Screen

WiNG Express collects information about access points, their radios, and all of the mobile devices connected to the WLANs, and combines it into a simple, efficient on-screen report, making it easy to monitor and manage every aspect of your network.  The user interface provides a concise menu with time tracked network and client information, allowing users to navigate effortlessly through a workflow while providing focused information.  Recording each and every event in a complete system log, your WLAN will automatically provide a trending network history that gives valuable insight to address and prevent errors and incidents.  By drastically reducing the amount of time spent gathering and interpreting data, network management no longer requires a dedicated IT department.

Competitive Pricing for Even the Smallest Business

Paragon’s WiNG Express system is built for the growing consumer.  Offering flexible network deployment options, WiNG Express caters to many different business needs.  Scale to 25 access points and use built-in enterprise features without licenses or the need to rely on a controller.  If your business grows, there’s no fear of losing your investment- WiNG Express Manager can increase your network to 1000+ access points.

Enjoy all the benefits of high-performance wireless connectivity with the pricing of smaller-scale deployments.

Easy System Implementation

Configuring every aspect of your WLAN is simple.  Using a series of drop-down boxes, set the desired parameters for access points, wireless interfaces, management, and security.  These defined settings are pushed globally and automatically applied to each access point throughout the network, regardless of how few or how many locations you have connected.  Don’t waste expensive and frustrating man-hours on network deployment!

Why buy from Paragon Data?

Over 17 Years of Small Business Experience

Businesses both large and small can count on Paragon’s 17 years of barcode data collection experience to find them the best-fit solution for their company’s size.  We have helped those in virtually every industry utilize technology to improve operations and profitability.  Instead of wasting time researching countless different options or risking an incompatible purchase, immediately turning to Paragon can limit production downtime, reduce operating costs, and drastically increase efficiency.  Put simply, Paragon offers a better return on your barcode investment.

On-Staff Experts

We have on-staff experts ready to guide you through the equipment selection and testing process. These experts take the time to understand your work processes and environment and assist you in selecting a network management solution that will match how your business works.

Technical Services and Repair

When your equipment breaks down, avoid finger pointing and, instead, make one call to our technical services and repair team. Our technical services and repair team will rapidly solve the problem and get you back to work. Paragon offers a full range of technical support and services that include:

  • Over the phone technical support
  • Pre-configuration: We guarantee that your equipment will be ready to perform once you open the box
  • Installation, training and start up assistance
  • Kitting
  • Cold boot assistance: Your settings will not be lost when you need to reboot your equipment
  • Depot repair: We can provide hot spare equipment for mission critical applications
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