Paragon is now a Solutions Partner of Zebra

Zebra Upgrades Paragon to Solutions Partner



Paragon has been upgraded! Zebra Technologies recently named Paragon Data Systems as a premier Solutions Partner for 2016. Paragon has enjoyed our time as a Business Partner to Zebra, and we are honored and excited to improve our status within the industry.

Paragon earned this upgrade as a result of improving our service and customer offerings from a typical VAR reseller to a true systems integration company. Each Paragon employee specializes in a specific industry and solution, so that every client receives expert advice and a system custom-built to their exact needs. Our full-scale service department has grown to provide in-house and on-site hardware repair, as well as remotely managed networks that can be monitored, updated, and restored from our secure servers. We aim to continue to improve and expand our firm to foster forward movement in the data collection and management industry.

As a Solutions Partner, Paragon offers a wide variety of products and services:

  • Patient identification and medication validation
  • Breastmilk storage and tracking
  • Mobile hardware suited for harsh environments
  • Lot traceability for rubber and food manufacturers
  • Remotely-managed networks and secure Wi-Fi
  • On-demand, high-volume printing
  • Labels, tags, and other barcoding media
  • UDI compliance
  • …..and so much more!

Company President Larry Laurenzi sums up how Paragon creates real value for our clients:

“Paragon isn’t just a hardware reseller. We’re a systems integration and solutions development provider. Our years of experience combined with the excellence of our programmers and support staff has earned this new recognition from Zebra. Paragon leverages the strength of Zebra products to achieve our customers’ goals, which remains our top priority.”


Paragon Data Systems is a barcoding hardware and software design company based in Cleveland, Ohio. We are experienced, licensed resellers of barcoding printers, scanners, and mobile computers, barcoding media such as labels and ribbons, and class 1 division 1 explosion-safe electronic devices. Since 1995, our firm has been creating and integrating imaginative software systems for companies with data collection requirements. Our experience in the manufacturing, healthcare, retail, industrial, and hazardous industries ensure that every Paragon-sold solution or product is custom-fit to a business’ specific needs and guaranteed compliant. We are honored to receive our new Solutions Partner status from Zebra and hope to continue our growth in the field.

intrinsically safe and compliant class 1 division 1 tablets from Paragon

Paragon’s Class 1 Division 1 Line of Tablets Now Shipping



Paragon Data Systems, Cleveland-based barcoding and system integrator experts, announced the official launch of and the Ecom Tab-Ex® Product Line, an intrinsically safe, class 1 division 1 rated tablet. These tablets are just as functional as consumer electronics, but are able to be used where commercial models would be at risk for explosion. The revolutionary devices are now available for purchase.

While the use of tablets and other smart tools are now standard in most fields, companies in the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, refining, and chemical branches were often left out of many data collection options. There simply wasn’t a mobile product they could use without fear of setting off the explosive gasses or particles on their jobsites. Ecom’s hazard-certified, freshly engineered devices offer a revolutionary answer to these mobile safety and data efficiency concerns.

The Tab-Ex® hardware line are advanced, touch-sensitive tablets built on the Samsung Galaxy interface. Each tablet comes preloaded with mobile apps developed to interact with SCADA/DCS systems, enterprise systems like SAP, and computerized design systems. High-speed LTE coverage allows you to communicate safely and securely with your team. Most importantly, the class 1 division 1 tablet is rated for use in even the most dangerous environments. Its intrinsically safe design means it’s been specially wired to prevent explosion or sparks when exposed to flammable, hazardous, or harsh working conditions.

“Traditionally speaking, companies working with volatile chemicals or flammable aerosols were at a significant disadvantage when it came to collecting their data,” said James Unger, Paragon’s safety team expert. “Intrinsic safety regulations meant they couldn’t bring any electronics into a hazardous area- and that includes things we take for granted, like computers, phones, even flashlights. For most modern companies, it would be unthinkable not to have these items in the field, but for these industries, it was just a reality of the business.”

However, with advancements in technology, electronics like tablets are now able to be wired with a barrier to prevent ignition around chemicals or flammable particles. The Tab-Ex® class 1 division 1 tablet is currently the only tablet on the market that can be used in these hazardous spaces. The Paragon team is delighted to offer this mobile marvel to customers who need safe methods of data collection.

For more information or to purchase your tablet, please visit


Paragon Data Systems provides customized barcoding solutions for companies of all industries. They specialize in creating systems for customers whose requirements are outside the standard offerings of barcode systems. As important players in the barcoding game since 1995, Paragon is now one of the few software companies certified to work with explosion-proof class 1 division 1 products. They’ve partnered up with Ecom, the world’s only provider of commercially-available class 1 division 1 smartphones and tablets, to implement hazard-safe systems around the globe.

digital printing with Paragon

PRESS RELEASE: Paragon is now an authorized reseller for Afinia Labels

Exciting News for the World of Digital Printing!

Paragon now partners with Afinia Label

Paragon Data Partners with Afinia Label

CLEVELAND, OH March 4th, 2015

Paragon Data Systems is proud to announce our new partnership with Afinia Label!

afinia label printerWe will be offering the Afinia brand L801 Printer to our customers, which is also compatible with our line of Epson color printers.

“Afinia Label is very excited to be partnering with Paragon Data Systems,” said Mike Atkins, Afinia Label’s National Sales Manager. “Paragon has expertise in many markets that benefit directly from on-demand digital label printing. Afinia and Paragon’s full line of label printing solutions, and industry knowledge, will allow us to provide the ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their labeling.”

The Afinia L801 is recommended to clients needing cost-effective, high-quality hardware to print bright, eye-catching, and compliant labels. Using Memjet technology, the L801 can print up to 60 feet per minute, and boasts an industry-leading low cost per print.

James Unger, our resident GHS Solutions and Full Color Printing expert, is excited to implement these products for customers seeking to print on-demand color labels for a host of applications. The flexibility, cost savings, decreased pre-print label inventory and control are benefits any company can appreciate.

“We were interested in rounding-out our offerings with a full-color, fully digital, narrow web solution and found that the L801 is a perfect fit,” he stated. “Whether a client is looking for a GHS compliant label printer, or a way to produce vibrant, prime labels for the retail shelf, we can offer the right printer for the job.”

Afinia Label began leading the field of digital printing systems when they collaborated with Memjet in 2012. Together, they created a commercially-viable narrow web label printing solution. Their company is now one of the largest distributors of Memjet-based label printers in the world. Authorizing Paragon to resell their products is a big step forward for both businesses as we continue to provide only the best barcoding hardware and software solutions.

Afinia Label, a division of Microboards Technology LLC, is a leader in specialized printing solutions. Their twenty-year history includes leadership in disc duplication, 3D printing and, most recently, digital label printing. More information can be found at, Twitter or by phone at 1.888.215.3966.

Paragon Data Systems is dedicated to creating and integrating imaginative software solutions for companies with data collection requirements. Since 1995, our innovative team has provided customized barcoding systems that help to streamline complex business processes and achieve compliance in the medical, manufacturing, and supply chain industries. To learn more, call us at 800.211.0768 or send us a message.